Why and when is it worth investing in a quality soft starter?

In order to achieve the most efficient operation of electric-powered machinery, it is advisable to consider investing in additional accessories. These will not only facilitate the use of the electric motor, but will also extend its service life or otherwise contribute to the process in your operation even more efficiently. At VYBO Electric we also offer quality soft starters, let’s look at when you should definitely consider choosing this option.

softstarters The main role of the soft starter stems from its very name, a device that ensures the smooth start of the asynchronous motor and thus effectively eliminates the risks associated with voltage fluctuations in the grid. At the same time, you can rely on reducing the occurrence of mechanical shocks that pose a risk to the individual mechanical components of the electric motor. Thus, limiting the starting current of an asynchronous motor is beneficial in a wide variety of operations and applications.

It is worth investing in a quality soft starter especially because it effectively reduces the starting voltage, thus extending the life of the electric motor. A high-quality soft starter guarantees smooth start and gentle stopping, and is also suitable for applications where frequent starting and stopping of the electric motor is required. At the same time, the soft starter contributes to the reduction of electricity consumption and thus the overall operating costs.

When is it worthwhile to think about investing in a soft starter? Replacing a conventional starting device is particularly worthwhile if the electric motor is subject to increased starting and stopping requirements. Softstarters find their application in electric motors that drive pumps, conveyors, compressors, or winding machines.

At VYBO Electric we have various types of soft starters in stock, with the most modern ones being Kinetics SSZ and SS. Our team of experts will help you choose the best soft starter.


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